Kandi Anderson Newborn Photography


 Newborn Photography


Kandi Anderson Newborn Photography is the mom-to-be and new mommy’s answer for elegant, natural and specialized portraits. She caters to the individualized needs of her clients.

Her complete line of accessories and wardrobe for use, alleviates the burden of extra shopping and worry before the session.

Kandi’s years of experience and specialized training, makes her the area’s top choice for newborn photography.

You can count on extra care for the safety of each newborn. Providing a clean and natural setting devoid of harsh lighting and sounds.

Every moment of your experience with Kandi is crafted with an eye toward timeless and simple portraits. Keeping the focus on your sweet baby.

You will walk away with some beautiful pieces of artwork to adorn your home.

Artwork to remind you of those first few days of your baby fitting  perfectly into your arms.

A reminder of  just how fierce your love is and the deep devotion that only a parent can understand.

….. a reminder to remember every little detail.

Your newborn deserves the best. Choose Kandi Anderson Photography.

Kandi Anderson Newborn Photography

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Kandi Anderson Newborn Photography studio is located in Carlin, NV. Just a short drive from Elko, NV.