Elko NV  Doula Service

Elko NV  Doula Service

Did you know Elko NV Doula Service is now being offered in our community?

Birth doulas serve and support expectant women and their partners and families with the emotional and physical aspects of childbirth.

Postpartum doulas serve and support after childbirth. Both birth and postpartum doulas can assist women and their families in

getting information to make the very best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Meet Colleen!

Elko NV Doula service

Colleen is the stay at home mother of five, who has been intrigued by childbirth and mothering since the birth of her first child 12 years ago.

As a mother, she has hands-on experience with breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, baby led weaning and homeopathic healing.

Colleen is certified by Madriella as a birth and postpartum Doula and is working towards her Stillbirthday certification.

She is also a  breastfeeding lactation mentor.

Colleen believes in continual education to provide you with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information in order to help you make informed choices that will be right for you and your family.

Empowering women to own and trust their bodies and a desire to help you and your partner achieve your ideal birth.

Not every birth journey is the same and she strives to customize The Birth Experience for each family she serves.

I Support: Your choices, Your body, Your partner

I Hold: Your hand, Your privacy, Your space

I Trust: You, Your body, Your baby

I Answer: Your call, Your questions, Your worries

I am a Doula!

Ruby Mountain Doula Services

You’ve just gotten that big fat positive on your home pregnancy test.  You’re staring at that plastic stick with a mix of excitement, fear, happiness, anxiety and possibly a little queasiness too!

Maybe this pregnancy was planned, maybe it is a happy accident, maybe now just isn’t the time, or maybe you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get to this moment.   What do you do next?

Finding a maternal care provider seems like the first logical step.  Doctor or midwife?   How will you decide which provider will best suit your needs based on their philosophy and practice policies?   Will they be there to answer your questions for you 24/7?  Will they provide you with pros and cons, risk versus benefit, or the most up to date evidence based information?  Who will explain procedures you know nothing about and let you know what is optional and if there are alternatives?

Next, you start thinking about the birth of your baby!  There’s a lot to think about.   Epidural?  Delayed cord clamping?  Skin to skin?  Inductions?  C Section?  Breastfeed or formula feed?  How are you going to know when you’re really in labor?  But before labor is even close you still have to get through approximately 40 weeks of pregnancy!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a professional at your fingertips to ask questions?  Someone who knew little tricks that may help relieve morning sickness, backaches, swollen ankles and to assure you that yes, leaking nipples is a normal occurrence.

When you hire Ruby Mountain Doula Services that is exactly what you get.  A certified doula who has a passion for everything pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby related.   But what is a doula anyways?  A doula is a professional birth-worker that provides unbiased emotional, informational and physical support during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.   Someone who walks beside you, but doesn’t tell you what to do.  Who supports your choices no matter what they are. Who will be a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader, a folder of laundry and much more.   Someone who is by your side in labor nonstop, cheering you on, rubbing your feet, applying pressure to your back and reminding you to breathe.

I am honored and humbled every time I am invited into the birth space of a new family and I will always strive to be the individual support you need.  I look forward to walking this journey with you. ~ Colleen Shoaf  owner of Ruby Mountain Doula Services  775-397-2224

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I love supporting other small business in our area and look forward to sharing Ruby Mountain Doula Services with my clients!  We are truly blessed to have this service in our small communities!